About Us

Motto: Re Inventing for the future

We are raising a generation of highly skilled leaders, entrepreneurs and an empowered community capable of making and leading positive change. Since our establishment in 2018, we have remained a forward-thinking organisation with 5500+ positive impact in lives across the globe

The Purpose

On a mission to restore hope

The community project is giving better life to the rural community. We support the communities with funding, pipe borne water, school scholarships

Community Development 90%
Mindset Coaching
Instrumental change

Who we are

The Jones Empowerment Foundation is an international NGO with roots in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and the United States of America. We are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of young people, women, and children.

Through leadership cultivation, skills empowerment, and shared opportunities, we act as growth catalysts, endeavoring to positively impact our communities.

Since our establishment in 2018, we have remained a forward-thinking organisation with 5500+ positive impact across the globe.

The Vision

The Mission

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What we do

Our objectives serve as a roadmap for the impactful change we strive to effect. At the Jones Empowerment Foundation, we are committed to societal advancement through:

  • Cultivating a new generation of adept leaders capable of driving and adapting to change.
  • Providing training, youth empowerment initiatives, and sponsorship for entrepreneurship, education and leadership programs.
  • Empower a community of aspiring professionals poised to lead change within their respective spheres.

Core values



We foster a cohesive environment where all members, including leaders, staff, volunteers, and community participants, share common values, habits, and ideas.

equality & inclusiveness

Guided by ethical principles, we ensure that every action contributes to a positive future for our organisation and beneficiaries.

community building

We approach our work with kindness, empathy, and an understanding of individual emotions and circumstances


We champion equal opportunities for all, believing that both men and women deserve equitable chances to contribute to global development.

Support the foundation

As we know the world is in transition, business is volatile, life is seemingly uncertain, the future is ambiguous and unsettled. Our mission is to teach people, organisations and businesses on how to anticipate and adapt to the change in a radical and drastic changing world. this vision was birthed sometime in January 2018

We hold monthly masterclass seminars to educate people and organisations on how to prepare to reinvent themselves to enable them to tap into the power of change.

Please, we request you and your organisation to partner and support this global vision. The testimonies we have received from the beneficiaries of our projects all over the world are very humbling. They validate our mission of adding value and leveraging others’ dreams

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the force behind

Meet the Team

Together, we are driving change and spreading hope through our collective efforts. It is the unwavering spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that truly sets us apart and allows us to create a brighter world for all

Visionary Founder & Board Chair, jef

Emmanuel Jones

Overseeing the strategic direction of our organisation, Emmanuel Jones is a multi-passionate leader driven to impact the world positively. He has authored inspiring books including the “Reinventing Yourself For the Future”.
Emmanuel is a Leadership Consultant with the John Maxwell Team, a global leadership and business organisation, and also a speaker, life coach and Destiny Tour Guide. He is the Senior Pastor of Fountain of Grace, Wolverhampton, UK, a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).
Professionally, he is a diagnostic radiographer, formerly for 20 years with the NHS, but now with an independent healthcare provider.
Emmanuel is a Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) Football Club supporter.

Programmes Coordinator, Nigeria

Willie Akpan

JEF’s regional director and executor of our organisation’s initiatives, Willie is a passionate non-profit founder, project manager, and skilled administrative professional with a strong commitment to building a better society. Through his NGO, Reactivate Africa, Willie works passionately to provide support and resources for young people to thrive academically and socially through putting up impactful projects.
As an advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the UN-SDSN and SDG Ambassador at UNAccc, he is dedicated to creating a positive and sustainable impact on the world through diverse projects and initiatives.

One of Our Deepest Needs is To Help!

As humans, we have an inate desire in us, to give of ourselves to others. This is how we build community, this is how we grow as society; holding up each other and ensuring those who are at disadvantaged positions, are affected positively. Join us to make the goal of giving hop, happen.